LD Rando Bag in Natural Duck Canvas (Large)
LD Rando Bag in Natural Duck Canvas (Large)
LD Rando Bag in Natural Duck Canvas (Large)
LD Rando Bag in Natural Duck Canvas (Large)

LD Rando Bag in Natural Duck Canvas (Large)

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At the moment, this product is Made-to-Order.  Purchasing here via the webstore will trigger the manufacturing process and we will be in touch for delivery when ready, at most after 2 weeks' time.

The LD Rando Bag in Natural Duck Canvas, Large size.

Once again, we take our avid love for cycling into developing this unique product,  and take inspiration from the traditional design of front bags used in a randonnée (also called a brevet or audax) - a self-supported, non-competitive endurance activity in which cyclists have to reach pre-determined finish points given a time limit and are usually for 200 km or more.  In between are what are called control points, where cyclists get a brevet stamp card stamped as proof of route passage, and also where they can rest and take nutrition.

A randonneur bag is designed such that its compartments are easily accessible to the rider, without necessarily having to stop all the time while on the brevet.  It is also properly-sized for the activity, and for multi day-rides it will contain food and sustenance, tools/spares, a set of clothes (as necessary), navigation/maps, and other rider essentials.  

This bag is entirely and proudly made locally by ourselves in our workshop. 


- Made of strong duck canvas in natural, with leather reinforcements and twill tape edging.

- L 18 cm x Width 30 cm x H 22 cm with Volume Capacity of 11.9 Li (this is a Large Size)

- Comes with 4 leather straps with brass buckles.  2 straps are for securing against the handlebar or dropbar  (as shown in photos), whilst 2 are for securing the leather base to the bicycle front rack.  

- Option for using a decaleur (the metal attachment to additionally secure the bag) in lieu of handlebar straps is provided via side slots. See reference photos,

- The leather underside has additional attachment slots for owner to further secure the bag (additional straps from the 4 are care of the owner)

- Top flap has a map compartment in clear plastic to store just that - a map, a control card (if you ever get to join a real audax!) or other flat items.

- 2 well-sized front-facing compartments (to store items that need to be easily accessible such as mobile phone, energy snacks, etc.) and 1 rectangular front compartment for other items. Pockets are secured by velcro.

- 2 slanted side slots on both sides of bag

- Inner hard plastic stiffeners to retain bag shape 

It is necessary for this rack to rest on a front rack and fits best on a typical randonneur-style kind.  The bag has a vertical slot  where the rack extension (the inverted-U) is inserted to further hold the bag in place.  However, a wider flat front rack (such as akin to a Demi Porteur, or a "pizza rack" also will work on this).

Bike photo credit - Marlowe Apeles @budolbuddyph. The bicycle is a vintage Lotus Odyssey Touring bike from the 1980s.