Jeans Soaking and Washing Advice

We often get asked questions like, "Should I soak my jeans up front before wearing?",  "When and how often should I wash my jeans?". 

There are tons of articles, forum posts, and opinions on the matter, and it would be great (and fun) if you do your own research on the matter.  It will not be possible for us to talk about this topic here.

But our short and simple answer  to these questions is that it's a matter of preference. 

For the 1st question, we recommend soaking jeans before wearing, the advantage of this is that the jeans will last longer and the fit becomes better.  Below is one way to do it:

Turn your jeans inside out, and soak your jeans in a tub or basin full of water (at room temperature is ok).  Make sure that the entire jean is submerged under water (adding a little detergent is optional).  This will wash off the starch.

To dry, hang dry in the shade, still inside out.  For unsanforized denim, it gets to final state after 3 or so washes (depending on the fabric).

Note: Léon Denim accepts hemming service work only for already-soaked or washed jeans, to account properly for shrinkage.

For the 2nd question - this is one where we leave it entirely up to you!