Of Goodbyes and Hellos

Our very first blog post - and this find us, and in fact the entire world, at a very strange time.  As I write this, the Covid 19 pandemic has hit the world for more than 7 months now, its impact more particularly felt the past four and a half months.  Our economy is struggling, business is down, but way graver than these is that millions have become sick, and precious lives have been lost.  It's an unprecedented and very trying time, as we all try hard to survive this situation.  A strange time, because never have we all been affected by a phenomenon of such a kind and scale in modern times.  No one is unscathed, we all feel the impact of this in one way or another.  The only thing we can cling to is hope - that this will pass, that there is still the possibility of better things to come. For all of us.

We see many businesses, big and small, closing shop, or forced to rethink how they do things.  Those which are behemoths, and which we thought were perhaps even invincible, are folding up.  Closer to home, we see many of our friend and colleagues shutting their business doors.  It's sad.  I feel very sad, hearing and seeing these myself.  It's especially harder for smaller businesses, and yes, admittedly for us as well. 

Of Goodbyes. 

After 5 years doing what we do, last year we finally set up our own small studio in Salcedo Village Makati that was informally a retail space, and became a meeting place of sorts every Saturday. This made us look forward to the weekend, because there we would be with familiarfriends, and were assured to get to make new ones.  But now on our 6th year, because of this pandemic, we had to let go of the place that became dear to us.  It didn't make sense for us to retain it if no one could come. More than anything else, this was our place for community.  If that community couldn't be there, then what for?  And as one of us said, it is enough that we survive 2020 in one piece.  Us, loved ones, and Léon. 

And Hellos. 

On rethinking how we do things - the good news is that this forced us to finally work on developing this website.  To say "long overdue" is an understatement, almost unbelievable why we had not done this until now! But it's finally here.  We hope that this helps us be more "present" for all of you out there. This is all DIY, even amateurish, but we're learning, and having great fun.  Both of which are integral to what we do at Léon.   

So yes, let's rethink how we do things, in the meantime.  Let's let what appear to be "setbacks" as "setups" for good things that are yet to come. Let's watch out for others, and lend a helping hand to those who need it.  Just as you also have been helpful to us. 

Let's get through these unusual times together.  And as that famous song by The Beatles goes, "We'll get by with a little help from our friends."